When your friends get Married

Along with this year being the year of babies (I called it) its also the year of marriages… I love marriages, its a love and fascination I have inherited from my forefathers, we have no way of getting rid of it .. its an indian thing.

But that being said, its something else all together when it happens to someone close to you. This past month my best friends got married. In a way nothing has changed, but then when I look at it, eveything has, nothing feels more complete, nothing can be more perfect than it does now.

I am still digesting it,  because the race was hard, the journey challenging, there were tears, pain, fights but there was hope, endurance, strength, faithfullness and on your knees kind of  prayer, and all these things were bound together in complete and abundant love.

Its surprising to see 2 people fight so hard, to hold on for so long, to be so convinced of their love for each other that nothing shakes that. Its funny how the right things, take time and effort and a whole lot of courage.

Especially now, when it seems like everything fades away, when every relationship has an expiry, when people don’t believe in forever, its surprising and encouraging that such a love can exist.  Its heartwarming..

They still fight, and they still drive each other crazy, and every body else too but they do it standing side by side, hand in hand, together,  in one geographical and spiritual space, united forever, bound to each other in perfect love. That’s the way it should be… this is why we are here.

Many months ago I used to get separate wishes, separate conversations, separate I love yous.
These day the messages have changed.
When I say I love you , I get this reply : We love you more.

And that’s all we need. that’s all that’s important.. this is why we are here, this is the reason I smile. 


Here’s to love, to fighting for it, to making it last, to believing that forever is here, and can never go away.



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