In the fitness state of mind

Starting today, I am going to do what has never been done before. … by me that is.
I am going to step on this curious cross trainer machine thing,  and dare I say it .. workout. Exercise. Get fit. (Very difficult words)

This is purely a phase thing,  not at all influenced by the fact that some members of my family have begun to display the amazing health they have inherited and I was not at all disturbed by the fact that they just faint at any small breeze that blows by .

I also read somewhere that most successful people start the day by trying to kill themselves on the treadmill and since it rarely works,  they have no option but to go to work and try again next morning. 
That is how they get successful.
That’s the excuse I am going to go with. To be successful .. you need to torture your body. Its all part of extreme discipline and awesome-ness.

But I am taking this the wrong way. >Change of perspective.
>Think positively.
>Exercise is good
>Must not cry
>Should not run away
>Just keep swimming.

Over the past years, I have had many people try and inspire me to join a gym or do some form of exercise.
Some have even joined gyms so that they could get fit and convince me to join one. God bless them, seriously. .

I am not entirely against exercise, but I am not fond of it either,  partly because its alot of hard work and partly because it really doesn’t look fun, also I may be lazy .. but thats not really a significant contributing factor. No, yeah it is, who am I kidding.

But I guess I shouldn’t discount it just because I may be too lazy to do it. A few years later if the conversation ever comes up I would like to say to my children and anyone else forced to listen to me, that I had the courage to step on that machine and keep going at it.
Its all in the trying. Its all in the challenge, and defying your comfort zone.  Because nothing is impossible ( from the Bible, not addidas)

Here’s to being challenged and stepping up.



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