When you do more than you say

Sometimes I just think myself to be crazy and weird.

Especially when someone asks me to speak about myself, in writing probably I wouldn’t mind,to an extent,  but in a face to face conversation talking about myself is very very challenging and awkward.

I admire people who can, who don’t care and have that ability to talk and talk, and I know I am not the only one who wonders how the heck can people just talk like that.

I seriously do. Seriously. No like really.

But I also wonder , How do you get to the point that you just get someone to sit down and say

Hey man, you got to sit down,  let me tell you about what happened to me yesterday.

How? Unless you are related to me or have known me for a long time, or are a detective why would you be interested what I ate for lunch, why would you want to know what detergent I use? 

Its not even about the story being told, but how do you keep that person engaged and interested.

Its amazing. It seriously is.

But not being able to do that doesn’t make us wrong either and doesn’t make the people who talk right either. We are just different and our mode of expression is just different. 

I figure, some people talk through their words and others through their work, their art, their imagination. I guess I am one of these people who are head down, in my work kind, if you want my opinion, if you want to know me, if you want to know what kind of person I am, look at what I do not what I say.

You will see it there.

Its all an extension of who we are, the most personal form of expression.
Its amazing how all of us are created. All of us have the same basic material but none are exactly the same.
Just go through your closest friends facebook wall or their music playlists you will see the difference.

No like seriously. Really. Trust me.

People always push you to talk about your things, about your life, about what you think, but for some of us that may not be as easy as they think,  not because we don’t have an opinion, or something to say, but that’s how we’ve been configured. Its who we are.

So if you are like me, dont feel crazy about it, we are all made perfectly and wrapped with lots of love.
That’s the truth.

Here’s to being differently awesome


Please someone tell me you get me.. I dont want to be the weirdest one.

Seriously. Really really.

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