If you really think about it

If you really think about it at this very moment

Somewhere in the world a baby has just taken her first breath

Somewhere someone has become a grandmother for the very first time.

Somewhere someone has just surrendered everything to God

Somewhere someone has just started her first ever Job

Somewhere else someone has met the love of her life for the very first time.

Somewhere someone has just had her first kiss.

Somewhere someone is standing in front of an alter, surrounded by her loved ones, getting married

Somewhere else someone is getting onto an aircraft for the very first time.

Somewhere someone has returned home to a waiting family ,from the war zone

Somewhere someone is going on their first road trip

Somewhere someone has just beaten cancer

Somewhere someone just received a organ transplant that saved her life

Somewhere someone just beaten addiction and substance abuse

Somewhere an innocent person has been freed and is walking out of prison

Somewhere someone has just got a second shot at something she failed at before

If you really think about it, its all happening now. All over the world.
Somewhere,  every place you look, hope is springing anew. Life has a way of finding its way, its stubborn like that and when it does, there is no force strong enough to stop it.


Hope is like that. Its the monsoon after the dry dreary  summer, it quickly reclaims the dry ground and covers with lush greenery.  In Corners and spaces, even the tiniest of corners and spaces, life springs forth. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or may grow through remember hope is always there, and you will have your “somewhere someone” moment.

Here’s to perspective and knowing that you are part of something bigger.

Somewhere someone is smiling because she is overwhelmed by how blessed and loved she is… I hope that someone somewhere is you.



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