Random conversations with Dad

Dad: Who’s that guy?
(Dad pointing at the TV, when le random Bruce Williis appeared)
Me: Bruce Willis
(Holding remote control in hand, repeat power is in my hand)
Dad: The guy from Die Hard?
Me: Yea
Dad: Impossible,  its not him
Me (Flabbergasted)
How many other guys you know who are bald and look like Bruce Willis, and are actually Bruce Willis

Dad: Bruce Willis is the guy with one million bruises and scars and broken bones. He is not some regular guy who goes grocery shopping and looks not beaten up. This is not the Bruce I know.

Me even more flabbergasted  because it seems my dad and Bruce Willis are on first name basis, but also amazed that Dad is right.
A normal and not beaten up Bruce Willis just looks weird and out of place,  its just  as awkward as Cee Lo Green without the glasses ( the horror!) Or Brad Paisley without his cowboy hat ( oh man! ) or Justin Beiber with fitting clothes ( ahhhhh!!…. )

Yesterday Die Hard 4 was on
Dad: Hey come see the real Bruce Willis.
And there he was beaten up, falling from high places,  crashing things, swearing and bleeding. That’s the guy we know, and watching him that way, the world felt alright again.



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