Yes thats right, My Iron was born in Mount Doom

Of all the electrical appliances in the world,  the iron is the one I have the least tolerance for. Its a mutual dislike we share for each other, it burns my clothes and I want to throw it out of my Window. Its a wholesome relationship.

Ofcourse, I imagine the day it was invented they had some sort meeting, the inventor guy must’ve been like “Gather around guys, today we are going to change the world. I have a brilliant idea, lets cook and heat clothes like we do food, metal, lets cook them so that they become all straight non wrinkly, all of humanity will absolutely love us. (Yeah Right)
At which point I am sure one person who loved humanity must’ve objected to the idea, but like the MTV meme, he might’ve been asked to leave the meeting, which is tragic really. He was the only one who understood me.

But that being said, I don’t think that all irons are horrible, just the one we have at home, i am extremely fond of the irons the dry cleaners have. But ours It seems to have taken birth in some kind of Mount Doom kind of place, with all the wickedness it displays, with all the clothes it has killed and destroyed,  its just ruthless.
My father has an opinion on that, supposedly ” a bad workman blames his tools” thats what he said, (again….yeah right!)  its a highly questionable opinion seeing as how all his clothes are given to the dry cleaners
For a guy who doesn’t use the iron, I find it extremely hard to take his word on the topic  and also the fact that he supports an electrical appliance more than he does his own daughter didn’t help at all (lesson: loyalty is important)

So I will continue to believe that my iron happens to be the Sauron and Darth Vader and Megatron of all irons . As it burns with evil intentions, I burn with the single desire of getting rid of it, the same way I would like to get rid if this unnecessary social expectation of having ironed clothes. Seriously.. there are better things that need our attention. I know you agree, I just know you do, ok we’ll get there soon enough

Here’s to epiphanies illogical and inexplicable.


PS. Who wants to hear my opinion on the microwave?


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