When time makes you wait

This weekend, was an extra dose of celebration, one that we had been waiting for, for a very long time. In the case of my cousin brother,  we waited for 9 whole months anticipating, waiting to see this miracle of life unfold.
In the case of my dads friends they have been waiting for 6 years to get married.

Life is sometimes in the waiting. We all have those dreams in our hearts, the ones that we are waiting for. The ones that are so real in our imagination, yet they are still to become visible to the world. The wait is what tests us, its what builds us , the wait is what makes us ready to handle and care for the realized dream. Its a painful journey, very painful, yet we are made to endure everything.. every single one of us, have been fashioned to handle to hardest of circumstances and win over it.

6 years is such a long time, its time enough to change your mind, to give up, to reconsider, to find an alternative, but there its a case of having million reasons to walk away , but those million have no value in comparision to the one that reason that makes you stay.

Opposed by their families for being from different countries,  and cultures, he Indian and she from the Philippines,  they fought a long and arduous fight to come to this day, to be able to say that they are man and wife, to be able to love each other as God called them to.

As the groom gave his vote of thanks today , he looked at his wife with tears in his eyes and said “We made it, we’re finaly here, we’re finally together with each other” and she just nodded her head, unable to contain her emotion.


6 years is a long time, but a lifetime is longer still, and to live without the one you love and were made to love, that would be tragic.

Whether it be 6 years of waiting, or 9 months of anticipation, after everything, just like Apostle Paul we also get our chance to say ” I havr run my race to the finish, I have kept the faith” . And that is our victory.

Here’s to time,  the waiting and the Joy of living your dreams.



2 thoughts on “When time makes you wait

  1. Its the long and hard waiting thats full of uncertainities as to whether you will get to where you want to go……that makes your acheivement that much more special and joyous….bcz it is in waiting that you realize the true value of whatever you wait for…..Awesome write up Sab….totally touched!! 😀

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