And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini

Some authors tell you stories, while there are a select few who live it with you,  without a doubt Khaled Hosseini is the latter.
And the Mountains Echoed is a book I have been inpatiently waiting, and although I got my copy weeks ago, I haven’t had the chance to finish it until today, and its been an engaging and tearful read as is with all Hosseini novels.
It doesn’t need selling,  just the title is sufficient to tell you it’s a good book.

And the Mountains Echoed follows the lives of a brother and sister from family  in a village in Afghanistan, forcefully separated by difficult situations, situations that are unfortunately created by people who are hard driven by desperation and abuse of power. And although the story is about Abdullah and Pari, it is also an intricate and painful effect one small event has on the lives of everyone associated with them. Its a detailed telling into how one decision can change the lives so so many people, directly and indirectly.

There are consequences to everything decision,  choice and direction you take that reverberate for a very long time and into lives that were not involved in the decision in the first place, sometimes to an excruciatingly painful effect.

Everyone wants stories where good triumphs over evil, where the Heros and villains are obvious, where everything is black and white,  where redemption is the only path, but Hosseini doesn’t write fairy tales, his are real life stories that  serve a very important life lessons i.e.every small thing you do has the possibility of changing lives, even when you are having the hardest time , the most challenging circumstances the human spirit still has the ability to be kind, patient, enduring and loving. Its in such narratives that you understand how far we can go, and what our enduring power is. Its cannot just be estimated.


I remember the day I went to buy my copy of the book, I had been saving my money just so I could get this book. My friend acompanied me to the book store and she asked me why I needed to buy the book, I might as well download the e-copy and read it on kindle and get over it, my only response to that was that this is a Khaled Hosseini Novel, it has to be bought,  however expensive,  it was dreamed, conceived and written ,  to be owned, to be held, to be underlined, with notes and tear stains and lived through and then to be put in your bookcase beside The Kite Runner and A Thousands Splendid Suns, because these books are special and extraordinary and no book collection can ever be complete without them.

Here’s to being a book worm


5 thoughts on “And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini

  1. Ah, so glad to hear a review of this book. I too have been waiting for it! I loved his other novels, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one as well. Great post!

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