Thank goodness for opportunity cost

The hardest question someone can ask you is what you what.Not what you want for the world , or for your family or for your friends but for you.
For yourself. 

We all come into this world with an innate sense of direction and we spend most of our time trying to find our purpose. Its in this purpose you find the answer to the question what you want. Its the hardest most personal thing that you will ever know and hold dear to.

Every one wants something, something that gives definition to who we are , for what we are made and what we want to be remembered by. But we are sometimes governed by the Law of Opportunity Cost. We cant have everything at the same time, or we can’t have to two things simultaneously in their full measure.  its either we enjoy something in full and let go of the other or we have everything in half measure or less.  Sometimes more is not always better.  It’s not always what we want. 
Maybe the high paying job with a fast Internet speed, technology and the fast life is not always better .
For me the answer lies in an ok Job, in working hard and happily, 


in living in a small place, filled with the people you love, warmed by food that you cook and share, keeping your doors open, people walking in and out of homes,  drinking tea with your buddies from road side vendors,  passerbys wishing you on their way home from work, being drenched by the rain, and unplanned road trips, arguments with the bus conductors, pollution , noise , chaos, making friends in unusual places, living for a long time with the things that are important.
Life is always going to be in sacrificing some potential possibility. But there are some sacrifices that are just not worth your time and effort.There are some things you don’t give up. Thank goodness for opportunity cost, it teaches and shows you what you really want, where you were meant to be.. it reminds you of who you really are.
And in that moment when you realize what you want, you know what your fight is..

Here’s to rains and economics thats applicable to life


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