Love Never Ends….. even if it has to be from a distance

People come into your life, either as a blessing or as a lesson. Sometimes the lesson they leave you with is something you need to learn the hard way, and more often than not tears are involved, but nothing is more painful than knowing that you couldn’t accomplish that which you wanted to. That you couldn’t infuse so much life into that one person, or make them believe and know without a doubt how special they are and the force they are. If there’s any thing to regret about, its probably that your fell short of doing what you hoped you wanted to, especially when you put your heart and soul into it.

Its hard to know that whatever you did, was not enough, that they failed to understand your heart and your intention, that they couldn’t see themselves the way you saw them and what they could be, that you couldn’t inspire them to be all that they should be.

But if anyone has loved you and told you that there’s more to life than what you see, that all the hard times are only temporary, that there’s so much to look forward to, that you are loved and needed, if they set aside time and spoke to you and encouraged you, if they ever showed you a glimmer of hope, if anyone ever said that you were important, maybe there were telling you the truth, and if you believed them then, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to believe that now, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to see yourself through their eyes. Maybe there’s always a chance to give chance to that possibility.

I’ve always hoped to be the representation of Love, I have always hoped that when someone looks at me,  they see love that has made its home in me, that they feel it, and Even though that is my hope, some days its challenging to be merciful, to hear someone, to be understanding, to be forgiving especially when you want to badly to be understood, to be appreciated, especially when you want nothing more than to change someones life for the better.

Everyone understands love differently, everyone has their own definition, and their own expression, its what gives a person their individuality and even though it may be very hard to accept that, we have to try, we have to let love speak. Always and all the time.

Its not impossible, but it does take a whole lot of effort, pain and will and maybe that’s the learning process, maybe you fall and then you have to get up and try again. Maybe you have to stay when you want to walk away, to stand by the people you love even if logic seems to suggest otherwise, to try harder, when you face disappointment and to not give up so easily. to not let feelings  rule and control you, but to let love speak,  to let love act and take over, because love is a choice, a decision and a hope.

And after you have tried all you can, after you given it your best shot, if it doesn’t just work, if you cannot add to someones life, it would be better not take away from them, then maybe love would mean stepping aside and taking your place, some where distant, where you can still watch over them and pray for that they are ok, but probably never be directly involved in their lives.

Maybe we sow the seed of hope in someone’s life, but we are not meant to be the one’s to grow it, maybe we have to leave that to someone else, and in that we must let go and Let God.

Love is holding on with dear life, it is also letting go….however painful that may be, maybe sometimes that’s what Love is.

Here’s to love, that can never end, there’s always hope




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