Romancing Life

Some days just take your camera out and pretend to be a National Geographic photographer ( it feels awesome) , walk around taking pictures of life unfolding around you.
There is nothing that binds you, nothing to restrict you or hold you, just you and your imagination and the way you see your world.
The amazing things is you can visit the same place a thousand times, but each time you do, there is something new you will see, depth is unraveled, secrets and hidden things are plainly visible, everything that was obvious on your initial attempts has a back story and a foundation and therein lies all the fun and the fascination.

I do love street photography, I think the guys who do street photography, have guts and are incredibly brave, and whenever I’ve tried it, its really frightening but when you come home and check out the shots you got , its all worth it.
Nothing compares to sharing a moment with a complete stranger, going on with his day, and you are there to capture a moment in his day. its a way of acknowledging existence, his as someone is there to witness a moment of time and you as you record an image that you that has moved you to capture it.
so here’s my recent attempt, one public holiday, the beginning of summer, armed with nothing but a camera, time, a patient Dad and a very good time


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