A Movie Ticket, Ranbir Kapoor and a whole lot of Inspiration

Sometimes you get the chance to watch a movie that just blows you away, makes you think and question every part of your life, all the while entertaining you with an amazing soundtrack and a wonderful story. Mostly such movies have Ranbir Kapoor in them…( also it should be pointed out I am highly highly biased towards Ranbir Kapoor, I mean who isn’t? )


But after a long time, sitting in the corner of the theater packed with people, my childhood friend sitting beside me, a bucket full of popcorn, it is safe to say I had the bessketch1370099865601t time ever. I laughed and cried, smiled and really just lived a whole lot.
Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani is one of the movies that isn’t as much about the characters, the story or the music, as it is about the possibility and the Vibe, and the feeling that you never forget. Its about love and life, friendships and time. This is exactly my kind of movie, the one that engages you and makes you believe that for three hours you are a part of a whole other world, friends with some of the best characters, on an adventure very far away, not to mention this is the movie that got me blogging again.

So here’s to a great beginning to June, because June is the month of wonderful things.

Have a great Month ahead..



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