The Most Educational Spam Messages…. Ever

I believe the value of a blog is in the content, the followers, the feedback and the spam it attracts. Generally the spam that I have been recieving is far too embarrassing to even mention here, but as I went through my recent spam messages I have to just say it has become educational and entertaining and seriously lacking in sentence construction.
here for your consideration the highly educational Spam this blog has attracted:

Message 1:

“Scarcely focused means that you are writing about something specific. Do not pick a subject-matter on which you could envision writing a book. Instead of abortion, eradicate far a specific local abortion clinic and its crash on the neighborhood. Instead of guard harassment, write with regard to the behavior of the the fuzz on your erase or in your immediate neighborhood. Focusing your text early and again devise lay you tempo close to better directing your research. A focused issue also leads to a focused paper. The only constituent worse than discovering that you consumed four hours at the library finding disposable temporal is putting that documents into your composition upstanding because you found it.”

Dear Spammer,
Thank you for the honest feedback but I have no immediate plans to write a report/paper/blog post on abortion, or guard harrasement. Also I do not appreciate this accusation that my writing is unfocussed, and I want to add that I do not comprehend what the phrase ” behavior of the the fuzz ” or “disposable temporal “, its a wonder Mr Spammer that you have been able to use those phrases in a sentence.. so #Burn

Message 2:

A tooth (plural teeth) is a mignonne, calcified, whitish form start in the jaws (or mouths) of many vertebrates and habituated to to ease up down food. Some animals, strikingly carnivores, also partake of teeth in behalf of hunting or instead of defensive purposes. The roots of teeth are covered by means of gums. Teeth are not made of bone, but degree of multiple tissues of varying density and hardness.
The general systematize of teeth is alike resemble across the vertebrates, although there is of distinction converting in their shape and position. The teeth of mammals get esoteric roots, and this design is also create in some fish, and in crocodilians. In most teleost fish, manner, the teeth are partial to to the outer outwardly of the bone, while in lizards they are fastened to the inner come up of the jaw by way of the same side. In cartilaginous fish, such as sharks, the teeth are seconded by means of perplexing ligaments to the hoops of cartilage that accumulate the jaw.

Dear Mr Spammer, thank you for your insights on teeth, human and animal and in between. I do appreciate the time and effort and knowledge represented in the above two paragraphs, maybe you are hinting that I should change my toothpaste, or brush more often, or perhaps you are that dentist in those creepy colgate adverts stopping people midway and scanning their teeth, in case you are, just wanted to let you know, that practice is horribly disturbing and we are all getting tired of your you-know-what. I suggest a change in sponsorship ( Oral B wont make you do that) or a change in career.

Message 3:

This knowledge requires shine up to definition and is intended first of all as a replacement for profit by sooner than vigour mind a look after workers and facilities/organizations providing health disquiet including pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, community-based well-being attention utility providers and pre-hospital emergency services.

Dear Spammer, I have NO IDEA what you are trying to say, you should have a talk with the dental spammer up there ^.

and the last one, my favourite:

Message 4:

Generally I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, quite nice article.

That was posted for an image I uploaded, no words were ever written, only the Blog Post Title and the tag words, so I have no idea what he/she/it ( Computer) means, but if the person was impressed just by the title, then thats awesome, or it might mean that my Picture really sucked…

Note to Self: Take Better Pictures

-Heres to a spamming and being spammed.


6 thoughts on “The Most Educational Spam Messages…. Ever

    1. For sure… hehe… I remember when I first started the spam that I recieved was appalling… I used to wonder what I was doing to get all of that.. but no worries it does get better… 🙂

    1. I think that’s a better option, I hadn’t been looking into my spam mesages for a while now… its only recently was just going through them and it made me laugh… haha …. its all good.. cheers

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