This World is awesome! I bet Nick D’Aloisio thinks so

Sometimes stuff happens that just blows your mind away. My mind has been blown away with the news of Yahoo paying 30 million to a 17 year old for an app.  That ridiculously crazy, so crazy that it its made me write a blog post about it. Everyone is talking about it and everyone sees the numbers: 17 year old paid 30 million. That’s big. Its mind blowing.

But it isn’t just money, its the recognition that this guy received, its the responsibility and his potential.  The fact that Nick D’Aloisio worked for it, if you read well into his background you’d see that this isn’t his first app, it isn’t the first idea to be brought to life, there is a history, and there is a foundation.

Its inspiring,  its a thought worth knowing, not because there is a huge figure involved but because it means that you get what you work for, which means that you can have anything you wanit and everything you work for.

That’s a something worth knowing.

When you do the work, you get the Result.

Its a good age to be a dreamer…

– Here’s to having your mind blown


Read more about him


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