Just Living

Is life a challenge? Is it hard? is it better not to be here? Someday’s it is, it is too damn hard, but then you think that where you are is a better than where you could have been, someday’s being thankful is all that you have…

There is a Lady beside me, her phone in her hand, headphones in her ears, there are tears hanging on very edge of her eyelashes. The first thought is she is one of those crazy people watching movies on the train ( like you), but if you look closely, you see a grainy video, there are two small children in a park running around somewhere in the world, the video is shaky, there are sudden bursts of shouting and laughter that bleed through the Lady’s headphones and at the very end you see a close up shot of the children, and the you can read their lips as they say ” We Love you Mama”. That’s when that tear falls, she wipes it off and walks into the train, heading towards that desk and that table that will give her the money to raise them. She might never be able to raise her by self, but for now the money is all that she has. That and the video that she watches at the start of every day.

july goa 2012-1 131

There is another woman grieving but she cannot show it. For we are a world that doesn’t appreciate it. But she tells fellow passengers her story, because its too heavy to bear it. She was called a few months ago, her eldest son of 16 had passed away. 5 years ago, She left her 3 children, moved to a strangers land, to get a Job, to make a living, to let her children have the best, but last year she returned to a house of 2 children instead of 3, brokenness and a future that was buried in the grave. She returned to that stranger land, because work has no value for the dead, she continues to do what she has to do.

There is a man, a father of two, moved to a another country, to provide a better life for his family. He has been here nearly 17 years. His daughters know nothing of their Father except the western Union call they get, the one month holiday that he has. But he looks at me and i can see the pain in his eyes, he has a family yet it is scattered all over, he has two daughters but never had the opportunity to know them, to love them, to be there for them. There will be time later on he says, but he doesn’t believe it. For now the telephone calls will substitute for his physical self.

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Right in the corner there is a young man, come to search for work. He is very ordinary, except for the 6 deep scars on his face, 3 on each cheek, they look like a wounds from a fight, maybe he was in a cult, or he got into bad company. There is no reason for him to be here, there is no reason for him to be alive, but you can see the will and the want shinning through his eye.

july goa 2012-1 138

Sometimes life is a sacrifice, it is challenging, it can seem difficult. But its always worth it.Its not the people that you know and love that are the ones who lift you up, its the strangers that you see around you, who shouldn’t be able to do the things that they do, yet they are there, if you are looking for life, its all around you, if you are looking for Hope its all around you, if you are looking for Love, It is always there.
That’s what living is all about..



3 thoughts on “Just Living

  1. Wonderfully written, some heartbreaking but so very inspiring. Everyone has a story, we tend to get so wrapped up in our own little world and dramas that we forget everyone we meet or even just pass along the way has a story to tell. Thank you Sabrina for this post

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