Being 22

Honestly speaking being 22 is awesome, its way more sane-er than 14 and more fun-er than 80 ( which seems to be awesome too.. from what I have heard.. from people who are 80). But its now that everything has started to become real, and there is a hope that has taken hold of me that the best things are yet to come.

I suddenly feel like a Sean Bean Meme bracing myself for the change to come.

This is the launching that everyone talked about as we left High School, we are finally there.
And even as my friends in my group are undergoing through their lives, some are married, some others are heading towards that direction, then there are others who just completed their post graduation and are getting ready for their first Jobs and first Paychecks, first promotion, moving to other cities, in general its a whole big list of ‘ Firsts’. It is very exciting, Its the blank life events that we have been waiting to fill in, yet even as we fill them, there is a sense that we are leaving so many things behind or maybe we just keep a memory of it, until it needs to be revisited again.

Change is happening, but cannot remain permanent, and that’s the assurance we have, some days its going to seem like as though we are miles apart, other days its as though we are at that same exact moment, our friendship bound us to each other. There’ll be weddings and anniversaries, birthdays and more graduations, births and deaths, but that is still a lifetime away.

But for today I am 22, growing up beside my best friends, and everyone has a smile on their face, we are all just hopeful, all just happy, all just starting a new life, all just welcoming the change, that in many ways will change us yet keep us exactly the same.

That’s what 22 feels like.

-Here’s to moving Forward



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