Dressing up for work

Getting dressed for work is the easiest thing in the world.  Said no one ever.
Its the hardest most complex activity that can drive you crazy.

It is one of those activities that requires whole lot of thinking and wondering and imagination and an even greater amount of effort. Its like a maths problem. Infact it is exactly like that. 

The  good news is that I don’t work at google, so I can’t really come dressed in shorts ( which I think should be considered as office wear…. seriously ) and the other good news is that I am a woman , which implies choice upon choice upon even more abundnce of choice ( Yay!)

You have to consider mood, day, month,  current trend,season colour, climate, public transportation,  shoes, hair, accessories public judgment (the horror), iron-ability, the ability to stay ironed, the strength to think about ironing, which will lead to reconsidering ironing, and then after thinking about calling in sick just because you have nothing to wear or you may have so many choices you cannot decide on just one.
Its a whole avalanche of thoughts crashing in your head.

But you make it through, and you thrive because when your wardrobe challenges you, you have to show it who’s boss.

Its what I always stand by: Life is in the little things, and after the weekend it sometimes is the Battle between a Woman and Her wardrobe.

Heres to the important scores Woman 1 wardrobe 0 and if all else fails, Jeans are always there no matter what (ironing optional) ;D

5 thoughts on “Dressing up for work

  1. I just like to reach into the closet blindly and yank out a shirt and pants. Of course, I’m a guy, so I guess that’s why this works…and explains why I always look ridiculous… 🙂

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