How to find something you’ve lost

By not searching for it or by searching for something else.. ( there the secret has been revealed, and you can be at peace for losing all the things that you have lost)
Ever since creation, Human beings have been losing things, sometimes we have even lost people ( terribly sorry if this this has ever happened to you)
But truthfully speaking the best way to find something is not looking for it , because the minute you try to, you will find other things that have no relation what so ever with the article that you lost in the first place, which can sometimes be really interesting or be really frustrating ( depending to whether you are the half full- half empty kind of person). The alternative to this could be to search for something entirely different, in which case you are likely to be more succesful in your lost and found mission.

So right now I am searching for a piece of glass, two nails, and one bed spread. In case you find it please do let me know.

My Jar of Good Stuff: The Ironies of Life
P.S. Welcome to March Everyone. . Have a blessed day ahead


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