You know you have a brother When

You know you have a brother when

1. You know Naruto has a nine tailed fox insidw of him and the thing that Kakashi wears around his knee is not a bandage and you cannot accept people who don’t know the difference between Manga and Anime

2. You know how torrents work with indepth knowledge into what seeds and leechers are, and that utorrent isn’t actually u, its stands for mu.

3. When you know the band members of Linkin Park : Mike, Chester,  Rob, Phoenix , and Mr Han ( and you just happen to be on first name term basis with them except for Mr Han ofcourse)

4. When you get excited when you hear about new developments in Ubuntu and new android system and you have this great inexplicable unreasonable dislike for apple fan boys

5.When you’ve watched all seasons of Smallville, and you can never ever ever watch a Superman movie , because Tom Welling will be the only superman you ever respect

6. When you have an inexplicable dislike for Justin Beiber and the only good song you appreciate is the cover by Nigahiga ” I am clenching my *****”, and after listening to the parody version you can never actually remember the original lyrics.

7. When you know the difference between a handstand and wall spin and a Kong in Parkour

8. You’re hoping that Megan Fox will return to the transformer movies because you are so tired of Rosie and her weird lips and the fact that she doesn’t even get scratched in the movie while everyone and everything around is injured/wounded/dying or in the process of dying/ or dead and she is just perfect, which is just bizarre.

9. When Tony stark is the only hero you’ll love and Robert Downing the only guy who can play that character

10. When Manchester United is the only team you will ever support with all your heart, and no other team is allowed to even enter your mind and sometimes Real Madrid and Barcelona, or any other team that Christiano Ronaldo & Messi decide to play for.

That’s how you know.

Last night my brother got into big trouble because of me, and after everything was said and done, he just looked at me said ” It was worth it”

Is that an entry for my Jar of Good Stuff? Absolutely, it will be remembered as one of my most favourite moments of this year.


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