My Jar Of Good Stuff: Day 23: Giving without Regret

Today I had a refresher course in giving. There are generally two kinds of givers. People who give repentingly and people who give without any care in the world. 

You will always know when they give you something whether or not to you are buying an obligation.  When you sense an obligation coming your way, it only means that you are about to enter a debt one that you may never be able to repay.

Thankfully sometimes you get to meet the right people with the right mindset, the people who give you unrepentingly, who are just extraordinary givers, and their lives mirror their intention. Its challenging, because we are naturally made to keep score, to count and keep accounts, but the ones who defy that nature are the ones who can breathe easier and they are the ones that are grateful for every minute of their life. 

Its an important part of living, not all people get that .. because when you are grateful for the small things,  the big things will automatically come to you. It’s easy to be grateful for the good things,  it’s when life throws rocks at you, and your grateful for that, when you can give with an open hand, then you have begun to live. Its a tough lesson to learn, and even after that you have to keep
relearning it until it becomes you.

But giving has more to do with you than it does with money, it’s probably easier to give money but more harder to give yourself,  that’s the measure of a selfless person. 
Who gives and never regrets that he ever did.
Thats what progress is I guess

Feb 19 : A lesson in giving…

What’s the best thing that happened to you today? 

Have a great day



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