My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 22 Now that Facebook has begun to nag us

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg got married we’ve been feeling the after effects of his marriage. Who among you have begun to realize how nagging Facebook has become. Yes I see all your hands going up.. I agree with you too.. I asked a good question right there .

Its not enough that Facebook gets rearranged every fifteen days and the only way to protect our privacy is to learn code or delete the account ( as if that’s ever going to happen) we now have to deal with how it has come to be a combination of that creepy obsessive girlfriend in those youtube videos and Exams ( oh the horror)

But there is no chance of getting out of fb, its where the world happens, if something isn’t on fb it isn’t important enough, maybe that’s why we put up with all the crazy things fb does against us.. including Farmville and Mafia Wars ( turns out people are still into those things)
But its all in good fun, it keeps us connected, and sane, and its good for fail blog material… I really like that..
Here’s what FB has been torturing me with

See I did not lie.
Thank you Facebook this is exactly what I need, another million questions to answer…

Feb 18: to those crazy days when the thoughts in your mind are a complete riot ( is that sentence right)

-Stay tuned 4 my thots on hw twitr is messin up my gramer in 160 chrctrs, itll be anthr riot


3 thoughts on “My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 22 Now that Facebook has begun to nag us

  1. cudn’t ve sed it beta (oh wait this is not twitter ..) You could not have said it better lol…If I tell facebook how my day has been what am I going to tell my spouse lol 😉

  2. Twitter has messed me up. I’ve actually used the word “luv” on there a few times, and I swore I would never write “luv” anywhere. One thing I’m not liking about Facebook is the suggested apps. I’m lucky I never got into Farmville or Vampire this or Mafia that or whatever else is on there. :p

    1. Haha… I agree with you and faceboon apps are just crazy.. I have so many requests for farmville .. I am trying very hard not to cross over to the dark side… thanks for stopping by.. tc

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