My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 21 For You Who Are So Courageous

Ita midnight and everyone is asleep, yet she can’t sleep,  she stands in my Doorway fear in her eyes,  and worry in her voice . She came to ask for a prayer, not for herself, she never prays for herself,only for others, for her suffering even though it is much,
Her suffering can never compare to others, it is too small, she says.
There are people living without hope she says,  there are people living without will, living in darknes and shadow… she lives in the light,  what worries does she have. That is the truth, that is her conviction, yet somedays when it gets too much, show comes and stands in my doorway and asks for us to pray.
And when we do, her voice breaks, and tears fall and she gives it all to Him.

She intercedes, that’s her purpose she says to intercede for the people she loves so much, some known, some others, strangers who have yet to meet her, they will all hurt her the most, but she bears it because she doesn’t know how to live half heartedly,  she gives it her all, and when that isn’t enough she gives some more, and when they hurt her she returns to the comfort of prayer, to forgive, to love, to cry her heart out and to build them up more.

Somedays I saw the vulnerability, when I looked into her eyes as the world weighed upon her shoulders, and the only thing I could do was to hold her hand and console her.

She believed me. Every word I said she believed me.

But she is the one who saved me, who brought me back, who breathed hope right back into me.
She saw my pain, she saw the tears that I was crying on the inside, she said it will all be ok.. and I believed her.
I believed her.
She brought me back.
And as every part of her life is challenged, as people have moved to strip her of the hope and the faith she stands on, as they move to take away the foundation from her, she still comforts me and tells me everything will be ok. When the forces have gathered to bring her down, she looks at me and smiles and life sparkles in her eyes: saying watch me as I bring them down.

You cannot measure people like this, there is no category,  you cannot label them, you just watch and know that you are really blessed to be a part of their lives.

They talk courage in the midst of danger, when they see faith in the midst of adversity, as the storms gather, when they smile even as they are threatened,  and you look at them and you feel amazed because you belong to them and you know these are giants that can overcome all things.

The tears will fall, the pain will come, they will try to break you, but you still smile and welcome it all,  and after eveything has been done… YOU WIN
Keep Calm 20130217222327-1_1

I guess this is what it means to have a sister.. and this is what it means to be blessed
-Here’s to waiting for the victory


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