My Jar of Good Stuff: Day 20 That Perfect song

Somedays the only thing that gets your day going is that song playing through your headphones, thankfully I have many many days like that and many songs that show me that I live in a beautiful and amazing world. 

Life would be very dull if we didn’t have music  if we couldn’t express ourselves throught the words and the strings of a guitar, which is why I’ve heard Ed Sheeran’s + over 5 times, and its very hard to stay still, every fibre in my body just wants to move to the beat.

Every song on this album is written with so much love and honesty, I just can’t seem to get enough of it, there is not one song worth skipping, you will want to listen to them all, and once you are through, you will want to go through it all over again until you know every word in every song. Ed sheeran seems so shy in real life but the music he makes is bold and reverberates right to your soul.
I can’t imagine why he wasn’t given the grammy, he truly deserved it.

Here Ed Sheeran : Kiss Me

Feb 16th : Ed Sheeran’ s + …. music from the heart of someone in love with life.

– Here’s to living in every beat of a song


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