My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 18 Valentines Day is not that Horrible

Valentines is the Awesome, scratch that.
Have you ever had an awesome Valentines? I thought so, mine was horrible too, everyone possible screamed at me, and work was hard and difficult, and I just wanted to run away like I was being chased by a hungry Lion, but its in times like that your mind says no, but your heart continues in love.
That’s just what it was, and just when I least expected it, someone pulled me close and whispered ” Happy Valentines day” in my ear, and every thought of bitterness just melted away.

I have always been the kind of person who believed that Valentines only had commercial value, that it was the day everything became super expensive and people had more fights that moments of love. But as I walked to work today, I saw queues at the florists shops, I saw people buying flowers and gifts, I saw people wearing red, I saw people all smiling and glowing,I saw effort and energy and time that people had taken out just to buy a single rose and it occurred to me, that maybe, just maybe it isn’t really all that commercial, that the underlying factor still remains : Love is still here.

Sometimes money is required to tell someone how much you love them, sometimes an overpriced dinner, an overpriced and ridiculous gift do make a difference, what is the value of money compared to love, even if we had all the money in the world it wouldn’t be enough buy love.
Maybe that’s why God made love unquantifiable, and in that wisdom He created a hunger for love in our hearts, because we are made to love and be loved, that is the purpose of our living.
That’s why we respond in love, we want to be loved and we want to love others, some people may have different ways of showing it, but its still there.
Love it is still there, when you look for it, there is not doubt you will find it.

Growing up,I’ve always heard people say ” you don’t need valentines day to show your love, everyday is valentines”, I am beginning to think that maybe in this time and age we do need a special day, we do need a dedicated moment to tell someone that they are loved. You should never let go of the opportunity to spread some love, so if there is a day dedicated to say that, its for us to make the best use of it, to spread the love.

So to all reading this, here is my Valentines message to you:

You are greatly loved. No matter what you have, what you don’t have, whether you are single or in a relationship with anyone, know that you are treasured. Its not your money, its not your degree, it isn’t the clothes you wear, its only you, its your heart,its your soul, its the way you think, the way you smile, the way you are love. You are thought of and remembered… you are the light to someone, you are the courage they need to dream, you are reason they are living, you are their hope for the future, you are the miracle worker, you are the one they return to, you are the one they are always looking too… if you are reading this, and if no one has ever told you before, or if you don’t just feel it, or if you haven’t heard it enough, just know that you are endlessly, abundantly and completely loved ….always

sabz 143

Feb 14th: It’s Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everybody….. All we need is love and love is all we need.


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