My Jar of Good Stuff: Day 16 Challenging myself to be better than yesterday

Its been almost a year since I picked up the guitar, and started learning to play it. Its not easy but good things never are… that’s only partially true, it has been amazing learning experience with enough patience and broken strings and countless chords, I am not an expert but I do believe I will get there someday and thats why its been absolutely amazing. I have been listening to the Spirit: Stallion of the cimarron soundtrack continously for the past 3 days, and It has become my aim to learn to play this song, bucket list types… Its one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard and I want to be able to play it. It does look complicated, but not impossible and I hope to get to that place where I can play it just like the way it sounds. Somedays its good to challenge yourself, to be better than what you think you are, to walk out of what is only easy and do able, and to rely on pure faith and the courage to take the next step. This may seem so big for such a small thing like learning to play something on the guitar, but only when you try it with small things, you’re convinced it can be done for bigger things. That is one of the purposes of living.
Feb 12th : Challenging myself to be better and raise the bar just a little bit, to choose to hike a higher mountain tha before and the have a greater victory -Here’s to being better than what was your best. Sabrina


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