My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 14 Eating is a celebration ask Jamie Oliver

Have you ever tried cooking with someone together in the kitchen before… yeah me neither… sorry thats not true, its not that I have not tried its just that I have never been successful at leaving the kitchen peacefully, there has always been a case of me being injured in action, sometimes physical injury but mostly it is emotional and mentally disturbance…

It is my opinion that the kitchen just suddenly becomes a war zone once two people decide to cook together… it may be that this may not be the case for you but honestly there hasn’t been an experience that can convince me otherwise.

Its all about the territory.

I mean no one dare tell Jamie Oliver not to taste the food by putting his finger into the pot, and not to just rip off leaves from the herbs he is holding, or to wash or to be in any way hygienic and I bet no one has tried telling David Roco that he can’t just set up any place and start cooking…. not that I am comparing myself to either of them… yeah I am….  also David Rocco there is no way someone can remain that fit by eating that much cheese and bread, what Is it that you are doing after the show that you aren’t telling us… 😐 .. No one dare tell them, because when they are that skilled with sharp objects you try your best not to get in their way.

But it seems interesting to me how territorial people get, its funny and very entertaining how they obsess about the small details, as you watch the drama that unfolds.

Food is not just food,  its more about the sharing of it and the company you enjoy it with, its about imagination and appreciation and love that goes into it.
Eating is one of the celebrations of life and we get to do it everyday…

Feb 10: Being able and being blessed with good food and great Company…and not having to share the kitchen with others 😉

– Here’s to the important celebrations of life


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