My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 12

Growing up is difficult, its hard and challenging and sometimes really inconvenient. We are constantly growing, but as we do, there are some parts of our life that we have to leave behind and more often than not because you are really blessed you get to take alot of things with you…. there are times though you live in a memory more than you do in real life, you travel back to when things were easier, promises were  kept, when your friends got you, when there was no need for negotiation and terms and conditions, its what Seo In Guk’s Character Yoon Yoon Jae says in Reply 1997,

First love. The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because  people we first loved were actually handsome,  or pretty.  Its because we were unconditional, innocent, or a bit stupid at the time of first love.

It was a time where you accepted and you had no problem accepting people unconditionally, it didnt matter what they had or what they didnt have, the onlt thing was that bond that you shared.

Somedays I miss those moments, when you sit beside your best friend in the middle of a crowded street, and you dont think of work, or money, of compromises, nothing of that kind even enters your mind, its only you and the company of someone who understands your heartbeat, who can hear it in the craziness of everything, when you never imagined or could comprehend how blessed you were to be there in that moment.

Life was hopeful then and it is still hopeful now.

We’ve grown up since those days, its not all easy now, but it isn’t something that is out of reach, that life still remains treasured in our heart of hearts, so shielded and protected that none can deatroy it and its still unraveling, and in everything we are making our way back to that space in time.

Feb 8th : I am thankful today that I got to live in that moment of life that led me to find my identity, my purpose and has filled me with indestructible joy.

– Here’s to growing up, yet remaining innocent and grateful for everything… Its a great ride…  it really is


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