My Jar Of Good Stuff: Day 10 – Guy Dangerous

Dearest Guy Dangerous of a 226 lives,

If I may call you Dude, first of all I would like to apologize for hurling so many abusive words at you, at the people in the metro pushing me, and at the people giving me strange glances as I turned and elbowed my way trying to make you run. Please believe me it was in the best of intentions.
After 3 days of continous running and chasing and falling and being eaten too many times (:O), we have achieved 1 million. So congratulations to you and to me for enduring all of the above, thank you for being such a sport and such a great athlete.

Yours truly,
Crazy Temple Run 2 player

Feb 6th : The day I finally crossed the 1 million mark in Temple Run 2…. its the little things (always) that make you happy…. on to the next level…


Run Guy runnnnn…….


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