My Jar of Good Stuff : Day 8 The Start of a Miracle

Its for days like this that I started this project. When you cannot see the good things that happen to you, and when its not so easily visible. When you search and dig and find, only then does joy become more precious.
Somethings are easy to find things on the surface but the deeper and greater things in life are not always on the surface, they are not immediately visible, they are not always obvious, today’s day has been like that, its been heavy, its been disturbing yet there was only voice saying one thing over and over again : This is a miracle in the making.

And I believe that, thats the comfort we live in, the assurance we have. The only way to get throught this is a Miracle and mine and yours is in the making ..

Feb 4th 2013 : My Jar of Good Stuff : A Miracle is being unravelled. 

– To living in absolute amazement


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