A Relationship of Smiles

Everyday if I time my walk to work perfectly I am greeted by a strangers beautiful smile. At first it was just a natural reaction to another stranger but now its conscious and  intentional activity. These days I look forward to seeing her. She is an elderly woman, with a kind face and a beautiful soul. How do I know ? Its in the way she looks at the world around her. There is no greed or hate, just pure gratitude and joy at being alive. There are very few people like that

But she has become one of the constant element of my mornings and evenings.

Ita one the things that jump starts my day. We are just two strangers on our own way, we don’t know each others names, or the history that we each carry, we know nothing of each other, and we have no conversations except that of a simple nod of the head, an acknowledgment and a smile.

Sometimes life is not in knowing everything,  relationships are not in being close and , distance doesnt matter, its in the small things.

She’s my smiling stranger, and she brings joy to my life, because life is in the small details, walking silently beside people who have no names, but are just like us passing through, its in that passing there exists a friendship with a stranger and the only bond we share is being human and the only expression of that relationship is a smile every morning as sure and as radiant as the ray of sunlight.

I hope you have something like this too, if not I hope you have the opportunity to know a relationship like this.

Here’s to being alive to the details and strangers in your life
– Sabrina


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