Love is ….

Love is
1. That photograph that’s sitting on your table
2. That smile that you never forget
3. That early morning greeting
4. That spark of joy in your eyes
5. That memory thats alive in your mind
6. Your voice when I need to hear it
7. The simplicity with which you laugh
8. Missing you
9. Being grateful that you are here
10. Growing right beside you
11. Watching movies in the dark
12. Looking for you across the room, finding you and smiling
13. Not liking Captain America
14. Banning Justin Beiber songs
15. You

Somedays when you cannot see, you cannot feel, and you are not sure, don’t be afraid.. love is there looking at you, washing over you, filling you up, pentrating deep within your soul.
Love is here right beside you
– Heres to a great weekend
Remain in Love



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