Why am I on Twitter : An Insight

Once upon a time ago, which would be yesterday, I made to decision to reactivate my twitter account.
This blogger is tech-savvy my friend. Very tech-savvy ( whoever came up with the word savvy was a very strange person, more stranger than me, believe it or not).

But why did it take this long you ask : it is the simple combination of Lost Password+laziness= dormant account.

Also the character limit, didn’t not really appeal to me, when you’ve studied in an Indian School, everything just has to exceed 500 words, 140 will only lead you to a fail mark. We love to write… And write… And write.. It never stops.

And after two days I have developed an opinion about Twitter. It only takes that much amount of time really. If I had to describe it in one word : Fascinating.
Seriously fascinating.

Its the whole world having one big conversation and there are no limits, and there is no time frame , although there is that character limit thing. Let me put in points :

Justin Beiber has an army who are campaigning for #PeoplesChoice and is in trouble for some saying something, causing the whole of Philipines to go against him. Amazing how one guy can irritate an entire nation in 140 characters.

One direction has its own army and some people #ICantLiveWithout them.

Selenators are the fans of Selena Gomez also campaigning for #PeoplesChoice, and some other weird things

Haylor is highly sensitive and argued about issue #Haylor

Oprah Winfrey is always saying something or the other, I imagine she is sitting with a book , reads a line from, and her mind goes got to tweet about
this. ( She’s awesome though) #READ

A monkey got loose in an Ikea store somewhere and managed to assemble all the furniture #Ikea. Forget zombies, monkeys are the ones who are going to take over the world.

Blue is back #BreatheEasy, although they are spending a lot of time in East Asia.

Grammar is irrelevant #WhoCares, so is spelling, sentence construction, punctuation or language.

Hastags are fun #FUN

Trending topics are fun #FUN

Twitter is #Fascinating.

On a totally unrelated point : Is there any company in this world that Apple isn’t going to sue?#JustSaying

Follow me on twitter @sabz_carvalho for all the one line random thoughts I keep having.
Let’s see where we can go with this.

-Here’s to being Tech Savvy



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