Reading : Life without Limits – Nick Vujicic

Its Done! not in the Frodo completing his task at Mordor, more like the one where you have to say good bye to a very close friend but you don’t want to.

I have read all 272 pages of this incredible book. Its not even a book, its a whole journey, you get to take with Nick, its painful, its hard , its a tear fest , its inspiring, its moving, its funny, and its ” ridiculously good” because each word will shake your heart and throw open all your doors and break down your walls.

Its God speaking in the most unlikely of persons. But if God has such a beautiful message wrapped up in Nick, It has only increased my love for God.

Every where you go, people dish out advice, but it matters where you get your advice and who you believe. There is no credibility in a poor man telling you how to get rich, there is no credibility in a bitter and torn person selling you the idea of a happy life, don’t buy that. It matters who you believe. But if a guy who has no arms or legs can tell you that he there is a way to ” Live Without Limits” you cannot just question it. You can not just read these words and remain the same.
This is what he says on failure.

You should never think of failures as final, never equate then with death or dying, because the reality is that in your struggles you are experiencing life

I don’t think that’s very easy to say for a guy in his position.

All throughout though, its not the fact that Nick doesn’t have arms or legs, or that he is disabled (or God is abled as he put it) , it isn’t a book about how he is lacking, or how he is not normal or that he is sorrow stricken about his condition, how he was doubted, cast out, depressed, worried , anxious, fearful its about how he has strove past that, and managed to live a more fulfilling life than any of us can imagine.
Its him taking what he does have and living well with it. Surfing, traveling, playing pranks, hugging people,inspiring a generation, acting, playing musical instruments , charity work, mission work, running his business and most of all shining with the light of Christ, there is nothing that he cannot do. If that doesn’t bring you to your knees nothing ever will.

There are so many people writing biographies and their memoirs, but very few worth the read, this is not one of them, there is no reason not to read this book, there is no reason to not let it penetrate it deep within your soul, and let you arms up in praise and thanksgiving. This is one of the stories to carry in your heart, and know that God is still at work, he is moving powerfully among us, and his soldiers are still there fighting hard.

This is Nick an Ambassador for Christ and for the abundant and Ridiculously good life. If he can do it, there is no reason for us not to. Take your time, read this book, let each word wash over you and enter you, and carry it when things get hard.

Thank you God, for miracles such as Nick, for your glory in them, for the words you speak through them, for the encouragement you give through them, for the love you shower upon us through them.

– Here’s to living without Limits

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