Hold On to Your Hope

Sometimes in life what you don’t need are the solutions to be peaceful, what you need is to be grateful, because gratitude brings peace with it. People who are always on the chase, are always anxious, they are always waiting and expecting and cannot see the goodness that surrounds them.

When you are facing a mountain, be grateful that you are still breathing

When you fail, be grateful for that second chance

When you make a mistake, be grateful for the lesson you will learn.

When you’re in trouble, be grateful for mercy

When you have people who irritate you be grateful that they are there and they are part of your world.

When you are lost be grateful for where you are is not as worse as where you could be.

When you have to say goodbye to someone, be grateful that you could send them off with love and a big smile

In all situations, in every case, for every person, for every day, for every moment, be grateful, it just means you’re living and you’re breathing and you’re going to be ok.

-Here’s to protecting that hope that keeps us alive, to being a prisoner of hope.

My traveler friend, I am waiting for you… In Hope



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