This is Pretty Cool : Cheetahs in Slow Motion

I have always had this great fascination for Cheetahs ( the animal, not the music group) , among all the big cats. I have this thing for the under-dogs or under-cats in this case, what can i say.

Lions are cool and Tigers are pretty awesome, but Cheetahs  ( the animal not the music group) are the really amazing . They are spotted and yellow and long-ish only thing is that they look like they are continuously crying but even when they are violent they manage to be violent in a very graceful kind of way, not like lions and tigers who just live to eat and are sometimes disgusting, but Cheetahs are like the athletes of the Cat world, very sophisticated and classy which makes them pretty cool, they are like Orcas only more land based and thin, or maybe they are like dolphins, or maybe like normal house cats only just the upgraded and acceptable version.

The point in all of this is that the genius guys at  Nat Geo, have taken a couple of cameras ( which is an understatement) and filmed the Cheetah running in slow motion, It is awesome.the other point of this post is that I am watching far too much of Nat Geo than is normally acceptable. The day I post something about Arapaima’s that’s the day be sure to come home and host an intervention.


But Cheetahs are really cool ( the animal, not the music group). Just saying.

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