How to take Criticism the Real way

How to take criticism?

Be a Man about it,
Take it positively,
Be good natured about it,
Listen to what is being said
Make the change

AS IF :p

How to Criticism, the real way? The way that works.
Denial > Anger > Denial > Some More Denial > Ice Cream >Exhaustion>Sleep

I don’t know if there is a proper way of taking criticism. Ideally there should be one where we are all calm and composed and be good natured, but rarely can we be that way. Because it doesn’t make us feel good, it hurts and it stings and we want to hit the person with a pointed object or an encyclopedia, for making us feel horrible like that.

Maybe we are all built like that, that’s part of how much we love ourselves. We don’t like to be looked down upon, to made fun of, to be thought lesser than the image of what we have ourselves.

But in life with the different kinds of people we meet, its impossible that they will like us all the time, our judgement remains fickle and is constantly changing. Maybe that’s why, there is no civilized way of taking criticism.

The only thing you can do is eat buckets of ice cream, cry a lot, talk to yourself, watch a lot of sad movies and allow for general wastage of time, then get up the next morning and go back to your normal self, just because God made us so strong that we can endure anything. For when we think we can’t He gave us Ice cream and a whole lot of I love you’s

So I am going home, to eat a whole lot of ice cream, cry a whole lot, watch a whole lot of sad movies and allow for general wastage of time, until its saturday again and my hearts all ok..

– have a great weekend everybody, happy thanksgiving to everyone, and black Friday Madness too



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