Solving Cross Words : Cause thats what we do

So this is my attempt at solving the yesterday’s crossword at
Needless to say I think I did pretty good.. I know you agree..

Their Clues : My Guess
Father’s garments : Clothes ( hopefully)
Fixes, as a carnival game: No idea
Places for Crows Nests: Place where crows nest fits ( too long? )
Hanger Material : Should be strong
Polish a time piece: Joblessness
Worship : God
Word before ‘singer’ or ‘guitar’ : String ? Music? Broken?
Highy Rated : The Hobbit
Eyelashes : Essential
Place that makes sweet stuff : Ice Cream Factory
Little bit of Liquor : A whole lot of drunk
” Pardon __ dust” : The? Theirs? Our? ( Could be anything)
__ du Flambeau, Wis : WHAT?
Pass out cards : UNO
Overturn as a government : Flip Flop?
”Its a pity” : Sure is
Feverish Chill : upcoming skrillex song
Doesn’t just want : Doesn’t just get
Some Steinways : group of Steinway siblings??
Acid in proteins : No thank you
Extreme Anger : Adam Sandler in Anger Management
Gift wrapper’s Role : pointless
Sgt. Or Cpl : Military
Pirates Rivals : Other pirates
Hardly to strict : is there a word for this
Hoover for one : Hoover for many
Bill stamp : Bill Envelope
It has a fragrant, tubular flowers : garden? Bouquet?
Place to call Home : UhmM Home
The __ Ranger : Handsome? Nameless Loyal? Patient? Raging? Rich?? ( Which is it)
Grasp : HUH??
Cheese Choice : Ask the Cheese
Lightly burn : first timer cook
Ho-Ho-Ho time : Christmas or Nicki Minaj new single??
Mexican Minister : Human Being in a sombrero
Emulates Kangaroos : Animal suffering from identity crises


Punch Tools : Gloves??
In__ of : stead?
Boast : Kirsten Stewart?
Passenger Vehicle : Car?
Come into view again: Seriously ??
Object of Pagan worship : Justin Beiber
Lollobrigida or Gershan : Gooooogle
‘Man Men’ Extra : new season of mad men or mad men newsletter
Its often paired with cheese : Chees Choice
Mine access : Key?
Recital Numbers : instrumental music
Group of three : three people
Hollywoods Penn : Kal? Sean?
Get__ of : Out
‘The Boy King’ : was very young (sob)
With whom Jacob contracted to marry Rachel : Rachel’s Father ( duh!!)
Famous San Antonio Mission : Not famous enough
Log Home : environmental disregard
Jelly for germs : Misuse of Jelly
Word before ‘module’ or landscape : The? This? These?
Its in the bog : please ask the bog then
Like some colonie or codes : Ants
Parkinsons disease drug : Undiscovered
County abutting London : Abutting is an interesting word
Out of __ ( harmonizing) : Tune
Upper Hand : difficult Fist Bump
Big name in tires : Michellin
Street Vendors : Junk Food
Kettle and Joad : Kettle and Tea or cattle and Toad?
Take action against : Twilight Director
Landscapers covering : Grass?
Anti- knock fuel : Is there such a thing??
Witches : Harry Potter
Pastoral woodwind: excuse me??
Thing in grammar class : abuse of grammar
Taro corm : Google!!
Small Salmon : baby salmon
Word attached to ‘ sack’ : Race? Job?
No gentleman, he : left? Died? Went?
First name in jazz Legends : tony??
Garden of the bible : Eden?

Maybe I need to work on it just a little bit
– here’s to increasing vocabulary


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