We are only Just Starting …

We are all on a Journey or on many Journeys at the same time. We are either beginning one or ending one, or in the middle of one. But we are always in the constant state of a Journey, in motion.
When you are just starting, the first step always requires the most courage.

But journeys always mean something, sometimes it means separation, other times it means re-union, sometimes its healing, others it leaving behind. Butt no matter where you are every journey has an end. If where you are is little rough, don’t worry it has an end, if where you are is good, the end will just lead to a better and new beginning.

This blog is like my own journey that I get to share with the world, today it lead me to 100 followers. That’s a big mile stone on the road I am on. This is another good turn Thank you to all my readers, and followers. I truly appreciate it.
Just to let you know we are only just beginning.

This we need for the road ahead:

*Passion for living ( Cause that’s the only way to live Sweetheart)
*Sarcasm ( Compulsory)
*Sillyness ( is that a word?)
*Better Vocabulary ( working on it )
*Love for writing ( refuse laziness)
*Goood music ( Sorry Nicki Minaj, got to let you go)
*Headphones ( indestructible)
*Short nails ( for faster typing)
*Korean Drama ( No replacement)
*Socks ( we need these trust me)
(This is why we do the things that we do)
In the words of Darius Rucker, all I want to say is:

What If this is that moment, that chance we are taking,
history in the making.

One year and 0 readers ago someone asked me to write what I feel, and I did, and it led me to you.
Thank you

– God bless you
Here’s to big and small achievments



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