That’s why its called the Alarm

A few years ago, time existed, God divided time into years, months, seasons, weeks and days and hours and minutes. God in his goodness created the sun to wake us up, and the moon to watch over as we sleep, he also created a bird to wake us up each morning for added effect because too much sleep leads to poverty and He doesn’t wish that we be poor.

Man in his brilliance recorded the sound of that bird , remixed it added military style sounds, drums and beats and called it the Alarm. He then went on to programme it into every device and gadget that can produce sound, and sold it to us. We bought it and now every morning we get the sleep alarmed out of us. That’s why its called the Alarm. They didn’t think it through. I know.

But this is exactly how it happened.

I for one would have loved for us to have been woken up by the gentle sound of the waves hitting the rock( as violent as that is) , or the sound of the breeze through the forest ( never been to a forest) but we have to make do with what we have( Skrillex alarm tones…ahhh).

There was a point in this post,It was early in the morning, and too many people I know were still sleeping, while I was on my way to work which made me dislike alarms.
I think I lost the point in all my wondering. If I find it, I’ll surely let you know.

But life’s all good. Hope you have a good day, and I leave you with some very wise words from a very wise person.

” Behind every succesful and punctual man, lies an alarm clock that doesn’t have a snooze button”
– Myself ( Very Wise person)

– Here’s to Tuesday Morning ramblings



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