Yes, This Post is All About Socks

They say that if you love something, you should set it free, if it belongs to you, it will come back. I really don’t know who said this, but he was obviously talking about socks.

Everyone thinks the guy was talking about people and relationships, but nothing is more important than the relationship between feet and socks. It is a tumultuous and challenged relationship, marred with a very high separation rate and unhappiness.

Socks I believe have a mind of their own, and they carry around too much pride and bad attitude. If someone calls you a sock, be sure he doesn’t mean well. They are masters in hiding, getting lost and are rightly accused of dereliction of duty.

They just don’t care though. No matter what you do, tie them, bind them, stitch them together, they will always find a way to get free. But this is the exciting world we live in, and no matter what changes, socks will always remain the constant element in our life.
This is Sabrina and I wrote 189 words on socks.
Disclaimer : based on true events 🙂

Here’s to a great Saturday


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