Being the Product of a Process

I am a person of processes. I truly believe that all you see is not all there is. Behind every great story, behind every success , behind every happy ending is a journey that people took to get there. Some sacrificed and some fought, some took a long time, but their effort was not wasted.

I believe music is like that too. Its not just words, its not just sounds, its not just experiences, but a journey of expression. Its fascinating what people can do when they combine their love for music and and the words that have taken life in their hearts to produce something so remarkable. It may only be for 4 minutes, but If you really listen, those four minutes open up whole new world. Everyone has a story to tell, some say it with a guitar in their hand and a micro phone in front of them.

Ed Sheeran is like that. His songs have personality, they are are stirring, beautiful and living. There’s no telling what you can get if you give him a guitar and put him in front of a microphone. Its pure music ,just a man, his guitar, his thoughts and a story to tell.

We are all like that, with the right medium we can change the whole world.

That’s why we are all different, that’s why we have different thoughts, different mindsets, different opinions.

That’s how it should be.

Because we are the light of the world, if we refuse to shine, the world will be be in darkness. We are all productive products, even if it doesnt seem that way now, look deeper and you will know that its true. So it doesn’t matter where you are keep going, you are going to get there soon enough and when you do you can proudly say you did it.

You will make it, so keep going.

Here’s to life and the ability to enjoy good music

– Sabrina


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