Conversations that Remain

Last thursday I spent my lunch hour in conversation with some very special people. Although it left me hungry, I felt fulfilled in every other way. I loaded up my phone credit and called them. It was so good to surprise them, they hadn’t expected it.

But it was all part of a mission, because even though we text, and we mail, we communicate so much, we are saying so many things but we leave out the important things. In all the saying that we do, we’ve forgotten what the message is.
It felt good to remember people, to hear their voice and hear them laugh. Talking about the last couple of months, about working, about family, about expectations, about silly things, about the latest gossip, I realized I missed that so much. Its in this, I realized we are all in this life together, we have our own battles and victories, we maybe far away but never in Spirit, because thank God love has nothing to do with geography.
When you know the love of a friend, nothing else can come close. I am reminded of what my best friend always says,
Remember and you will be remebered
So reach out, call that person who has been on your mind, who needs to hear your voice, tell that person that you love them, that you miss them, that you’re thinking about them. Because after everything is gone, the conversations still remains, it brings you strength and hope and a light in the darkness of confusion and doubt.

Make the call. You won’t regret it.

Here’s to friendships and telecom companies..


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