Faith: The Great Doctor

Disclaimer : Please do not consider this to be a review of any sorts, also note sarcasm used is for comedic effect, and is in no way reflective of the awesomness of this drama

Let’s get to it.
In the summer of 2012, right after the Olympics, this blogger went on to do the most amazing thing ever. She diligently watched all 24 episodes of Faith: the Great Doctor.
Although hesitant at first, she quickly lost her doubt in her hero that is Lee Min Ho and his ability to be awesome at everything, especially at wielding a sword and being the guy who has lightning power in his hands ( That’s pretty cool) .

What surprised this blogger and Kdrama watcher ( I don’t know if that’s a word) was the mortality rate prevalent in the story. It seems everyone attempted to die, or wanted to die, was being killed, or was plotting to kill and some actually did die. It was at this point that this blogger realized how fortunate she is not to have lived in the time where peopel were so reckless with each others lives.
But to get on the story, set in the Goryeo period it was an insight into history that was fascinating. The drama deals with the making of a King, the politics, the life and choices of a warrior and the love that they fight for , and a crazy villian that is never satisfied.
All of the characters undergo tremendous transformations and redemption, and while some have powers others have to fight with life that they have and they do it well. Its a mix of a history lesson with the element of fantasy, that makes it all the more fascinating.
Faith also has one of the best OST and only adds to the drama. This blogger currently has Ali’s Carry On and Shin Yong Jae’s My steps are slow on repeat mode and its going to remain that way till Tuesday ( Tuesday sounds like a good Day)

On the whole its a good drama, and quite different to what I am used to,
Its a good first experience. I am going to miss this one, especially the Woodalchi, especially Dae Man, Lady Choi, Eun Soo, the queen, the King and of course Choi Young.

Next on the Playlist : Boys Over Flowers ( for the millionth time, because you can’t really have too much of Lee Min Ho)

Here’s to Lee Min Ho- for making good dramas and the subbers, your contribution can never be appreciated enough : Thank You


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