Watching Faith: The Great Doctor, One more left to go

There was once a time when I had said that I wouldn’t watch a historical drama, and in that same moment of craziness I had also said that I would never watch a drama that was currently airing because the wait could be too much. But then came along Lee Min Ho and Faith and everything was forgotten.
And now I am in semi-post drama blues, semi because I have one last episode to go. (Sob!). While the rest of the world has finished and is probably depressed already, I am delaying it as much as I can. Maybe this is called delayed gratification ( just a guess)
From the first episode it just blew me away, there is something fascinating about how Kings gets made, how a warrior gives his life for his King, the service to their people, doubt, and disbelief, influence, power, the politics of it all and love that binds them. Faith is all of that. Every character has been intricately conceived and is amazing to watch.
I love watching dramas where there are transformations, where the characters learn and where you get to go on that journey of change with them. This is one of them.
There are three characters however that interested me the most, that will engage you start to finish.

At the beginning we meet King Gongmin (Ryu Deok-Hwan),returning from exile to Goryeo, who is controlled by self-pity and doubt and unsure, yet within him lies a very tender and passionate heart.

Then there is Choi Young ( Lee Min Ho) ,the captain of the Woodalchi and warrior in the service of the King, reluctant yet sure and although he has surrendered to the will of of His King, its a King he doesn’t wish to serve. His heart is not in the duty he does not until both of them are forced to rely on each other, and then they begin to have a change of heart.

And then there’s Yoo Eun-Soo (Kim Hee-Seon), kidnapped from the present world, to the Goryeo period against her will, she is the one that indirectly unites them all. Never listening to what anyone says, or bothering to follow instruction, she is the one who brings colour into their dark and doubtful lives.

It is a journey that you take with these characters that makes Faith so special and distinct, it’ll leave you with a strong impression, wiser and hopeful.

With only one more episode left to go, the one I am refusing to watch, I will truly be sorry to let this one end. This is my first historical drama, and I’ve truly fallen in love with it.
But that resolve won’t last for long. Its been an exciting, and I am waiting to see how things wrap up.

So See you on the other side of Faith.
One More To Go

Here’s to First experiences


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