Living one day at a time

Over the past few days I have been walking around with this desire to grow up faster. To life infinity in a couple of seconds.

I guess its not just me, but everyone is wired like that, only the intensity of that wish varies from time to time.
To have it all, to skip to the good parts now. Not later. You always have this vision of this settled life, where everything works out the way you want it, a family and a home, no worries about time and money.

Its a dream, for some its not so distant for others who are just starting we’re working towards it. But time is running faster, and it seems as though we are not always able to keep up with it, some days its as though we are ahead of time, on others we find ourselves lingering behind, watching the world race ahead not able to move an inch. I have been feeling a lot like that, its as though I am in a different dimension and even though everything is going really well for me, I look at the things I am missing out, friends getting their Master degrees, others running their businesses, others getting married and it leaves me wondering. I wish I didn’t have to miss out on those things, because you never can return to that place again, you can never be in that moment. I wish the people I love, didn’t have to miss sharing this life, but they are.

It seems everyone has their battle, has the challenges that test them, and harden them. For now, this seems to be mine, to know that even though the world is changing and racing ahead, I have to keep my pace, be still and keep believing that I’ll get to where I am going.
Everyday is a step in that direction. Everyday is a day of progress.

To live infinity in a couple of seconds, God doesn’t let that happen because there would be so much we would miss out on and that wouldn’t be good. This is my chance to keep at it, to keep pushing and keep moving, even when I feel like I cannot, but all you see isn’t all that there is.
We’ll get there someday. Everyday is a day closer.
– Here’s to living in hope always


2 thoughts on “Living one day at a time

  1. You’re exactly right! Enjoy the moment because you’ll never have that moment again. God is good, ALL the time. He is forever faithful and doesn’t want you to miss a thing.


    PS: Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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