In Memory of My Headphones

This blogger ( all fingers pointing to me) is sad to announce the sad and in-explicable demise of her headphones. In respect we shall be observing one minute of silence by not playing music ( how appropriate)

As of yesterday, while commuting to work, the sudden desire to listen to Hall of Fame ( by The Script and which is a good song by the way, arose. It was at that time, It occurred to this blogger ( again Me) that the headphones in question were lying at the Mount of Doom that is called the Purse. It was a quest of unknown proportion, navigating through the pockets and folds, but this blogger ( again Me) persevered and pushed through. There in the depths of the abyss, tangled and worn out lay the subject headphones. Please note they were still alive then. In the excitement of being at the end of my quest ( by which time my destination had arrived) I pulled at them a little to eagerly and what ensued was well death….
You will be missed dear headphones. I truly regret being so careless toward you. But you were the greatest. And one day you will be in the hall of fame and everyone will know your name.

But we have to go one, this blogger is on a quest to find headphones that will never die, that could take some time ( good thingd take time) something made in gold, wires made in gold, casing made in gold, everything made in gold so that it will withstand the fires of mount doom, the death star and the dragon all at once… It just occured to this blogger that gold really can’t stand the fires of mount doom, so we will have to re-think that strategy.

In the meantime please be nice to your headphones ( turns out you really do need them) and listen to Hall Of Fame and don’t be worried because Will.I.Am is in it, he doesn’t repeat every word a million times.

Here’s to being over dramatic
Enjoy your weekend


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