Because Drake Has all the Answers


Alot of people say alot of things on the internet. Turns out Drake ( right there) is a BIG expert in relationship/life/success advice, tons and tons of it. Who Knew? I didn’t know until he started giving all this free advice on Facebook in BIG BOLD lettering ( Like Above).I do appreciate him for sharing all this wisdom with us… and his opinion and experiences, hopefully they will teach us something. But I don’t know if half the words on these pictures ( Like the above) are even true, or have been said by him, or have been hinted by him or have even been thought by him, if it were, I would think he would be one very good life coach. But we should always be Content with what we have. Dear Drake, Please continue sharing you’re wisdom with us. We are truly grateful. Thank you -Yours In Gratitude All the People of the world. (* It might seem that I am a bit too sarcastic, but lack of sleep can do that to you, sorry Drake didn’t mean to be so rude, thank you for understanding )G – Here’s to the craziness of Facebook Sabrina Have a Great Day


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