Gamer Developers Y you no like Nature?

I  do consider myself a very professional gamer, I am just kidding, on second thoughts though I can become one if properly motivated.

But of all the games I have been playing, it seems to me that game developers have something against Nature and Animals in general. All the bad guys in every game is an animal. Highly developed and cool looking animal,  but animals never the less. Which makes me want to ask the game developer fellows exactly what has nature done against them ? What is all of this about. Don’t belive me? Let’s analyse

1. Angry Birds:

Not even happy Birds, the angry ones against the smug and snobbish Pigs….

2. Fruit Ninja:

Killing as many fruits you can in one go…seriously what has the pineapple done to you, I would really like to know.

3. Ninja Jump:

This game has the squirrel ( i think its the squirrel) and the bird ( of unknown origin) playing the role of the bad guys. Why, when did squirrels become bad???

4. Skater Boy

Pigs with Mohawks, flowers and crows ( i think they are crows ) trying to get you down. While I do  appreciate the awesome pigs with the makeover and awesome sense of style, i am just wondering what they are doing in the cemetary m which leads to another question, why would a sane person go skateboarding in a Cemetary? To be honest, this game has left me with too many questions and very few answers. Needless to say, this is the one I play the most.

5. Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants takes it to a whole new level, for a boy with only big pants and a stick figure, he shouldn’t have entered the place where the giant spiders live, but seeing as how quicly they die, its a non-issue

6. Temple Run
Q.1 Why are they Running??
Q.2 Why are they Running so fast??
Q.2 why is the temple being guarded by MONKEYS??? since when did monkeys become guardians, wouldn’t it better to have had dogs??  or HUMAN BEINGS?

7. Super Mario

Not to leave out good old Mario and his strong dislike for Turtles, or maybe its the other way round… No one can ever know because all Mario wants to do it throw the turtles around like discs and all the turtles want to do is take up Mario’s life.

Gaming is fun, expecially when you are playing intellectual challenging games like the above, but I seriously want to know what the animals, the fruits and the flowers have done to our game developers. Somewhere along the way they have had a big argument that has led them to this place. It is something which we will never know.
Till then though i am off to play Crazy Taxi…..

Here’s to the villainous character of  Nature that resides in the imagination of Game Developers.

Have a great week head


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