50 years of undying Love

I am going so that I can Come back to you

I am Back from my mini break, it was a well deserved break that had me getting up earlier than normal days and sleeping later than normal days too. It was a break that tired me, but has inspired me even more. Traveled with my family to Goa, to our hometown there,  Goa is a place where everything just slows down a 1000 times. From bullet fast you go to moving at a snails pace, everything is slower, richer and deeper.

You can even feel every heart beat, every leaf moving and hear every insect crawling. Add to this grandparents who love you and who want to feed you all the time, there is nothing more amazing than my grand mum’s food, every flavor, colour and  spice is a true expression of her love for her grandchildren. She is also the kind that readily listens to every complain you have against your parents and wastes no time in disciplining them and shouting at them for your sake. She is our intercessor and for that we are eternally grateful.

This year was extra special, because this year my grandparents celebrate 50 years of Marriage. That is inspiring, and very deeply moving, especially to have the whole family around, all the grandchildren, the children, the grandaunts and granduncles, the whole neighbourhood there to congratulate us, it just goes to show how firm the bonds of loyalty, family and love are and how far we can go.

They are barely educated, they no not much about all the big things in life, but that has not stopped them, It only happened because they are both standing in the same world moving toward the same thing. It is in their strength and the promises they have kept that we can be strengthened and  keep ours and in that I am truly hopeful.

It was 2 o’clock in the morning when we left for the airport, day break was far away, and in the light of the moon, I looked at my grandmum and said to her ” I am on my way back”, but I had not even left the doorstep. Its a way of living, we never say I am leaving, only that we are on our way back, but that night, i cried a little, and my heart said ” You are going now so that you can come back to them soon”, and in that moment I grew a little more.

Happy 50th anniversary to my family!

-To eternal, undying, tested Love


Have a great week!


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