Promising to make you Cry

I really want to make people cry.

If I ever get the chance to write a book, film a movie, write a song or even a blog post,  the measure of how good it is would always be how much people cried.

Because really you never forget about things that made you cry.

I have not forgotten any of the things that have made me cry, especially when someone relates their stories. Those are the things that really taught me, those tears of pain, of joy and of complete and utter victory.

I don’t think you could ever not cry reading Khalid Hussain’s ” A thousand Suns”, or “Kite Runner” or not cry while watching Lion King ( when Simba is crying for help when Musafa Dies) or watching  “Sister’s Keeper”, or even watching ‘A moment to Remember’ . These are the moments you will never forget.

So if ever you live to see a movie made by me, or a book written by me or a song composed by, I promise you with all of my being, I will make you cry…. There will be tears.

I really hope I get to do that …

Here’s to the future dreams and promsises.



5 thoughts on “Promising to make you Cry

  1. I would wanna read that post, book or movie to see if you’d really make me cry … I really hope you’ll do that cause I wanna see the passion in your writing

  2. That first line really hits you right in the heart. I wanna make people cry too. I would read that post/book and watch that movie too. Gosh, Drop me a line whenever you do and I’ll be sure to pick it up. The Kite Runner just tore my heart to pieces. I read it, then watched the movie and could not stop crying the whole week. I’m even tearing up as I write this comment. What an amazing experience.

    Best of luck to you,

      1. Hey! Thank you so much for this, Kite Runner is really something else, its one of those stories that really strikes you hard in the heart… Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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